Our curriculum

  • Literacy:  Reading will be individualized for each student.  We have several curriculum options from Scott-Pearson to Phonemic Academics.

  • Math: Math will be individualized and grouped based on ability. Homework will be given out based upon competencies achieved by each child.

  • Science: Our science program will make little investigators of your children, encouraging inquiry as well as firsthand exploration and experimentation.

  • Writing: Handwriting Without Tears workbooks will help students fine tune penmanship and proper handwriting techniques using this program.

  • Areas of Study

  • Astronomy   

    Make a model of planets, learn about solar systems, stars, etc.

  • Art

    In our amazing new art area, we will be learning about artists and working with different mediums from paint to clay.

  • Music

    Music appreciation will introduce students to famous composers, instrument studies, music vocabulary, and more.

  • Geography

    Students will make maps, study basic Utah, U.S. and World Geography.

  • Anatomy

    Make a skeleton of major bones, muscles and organs in the body.

  • History

    Our classes will be going over important historical events. 

  • Marine Life

    We will study all different types of sea life, oceans, and shells.

  • Paleontology  

    We will learn about all types of dinosaurs, herbivores vs carnivores, and study fossils.

  • Meteorology  

    The class will learn about the earth’s water cycle, cloud formations, and climates of the world.

  • Entomology  

    We will study all different types of insects and bugs, learn the life cycle, and look at specimen samples.

  • Daily Spanish language program for 3rd year/Kindergarten students.

    This new Spanish language program will expose children to another language and culture.

  • Our classrooms are designed to be an inviting, attractive, fun and functional environment. This helps children create a positive attitude about themselves and school. Our dynamic classroom changes to “set the stage” for each weekly theme. We will have ten centers and may add others as additional learning opportunities arise. These centers will contain learning activities that foster decision making skills, promote independence, and encourage group involvement.

  • Learning Centers

  • Circle Time • This is the time of day that we will gather in one area and learn about the calendar, weather, and read literature that supports the weekly theme.

  • Library Center • Our Library currently has over 2,000 books. New books will be set out each week that coincides with the weekly theme.

  • Block Center • Legos, wooden blocks, containers and tubes help children develop spatial skills.

  • Dramatic Play/Housekeeping Center • Dollhouses, dolls, kitchen, dress-up clothes, play food, cash register, etc. so children can foster their social interaction abilities.

  • Literacy Center • Books, book making materials (paper, staplers, pens, pencils, stencils, alphabet stamps, etc.), envelopes, stickers, and letter recognition activities set the foundation for an academic path.

  • Art Center • Easels, paint, crayons, colored pencils, chalk, chalkboards, paper, etc. allows children to express their creativity.

  • Science Center • Measuring items, magnets, mirrors, magnifying glasses, and manipulatives support our weekly themes that focus on various fields of science.

  • Math/Fine Motor Center • Math counters, geoboards, lacing cards, blocks, file folder games, and puzzles allow children to enjoy their developing mathematical skills.

  • Sensory Table • Children can explore the properties of sand, rice, beans, water and other items in a “hands-on” manner.

  • Tablets/Computer • Children use technology to enhance learning in many areas including letter recognition, sound recognition, sorting, counting, reading and vocabulary.

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Meet Our Teachers

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“Everything done here goes above and beyond my expectations.  I HIGHLY recommend this school as it allows children to excel both academically and personally!”

Wendy Tibbitts

“They helped my daughter find her confidence and continually built her up.  She loved going to school and learning each day.”

Nicole Garff